Urban Water Management

Our specialist services in the Urban Development sector ensure that we provide an integrated water management and environmental strategy based on the latest research and tailored to each client's project, whether large or small.

BMT WBM delivers an integrated solution to urban water management. We are recognised leaders in Water Sensitive Urban Design, Total/Integrated Water Cycle Management, water use efficiency and water quality management.

Stormwater Control

With the development of urban areas, stormwater quantities increase significantly from natural levels. These effects need to be assessed in a quantitative manner to enable the design of waterway corridors which convey stormwater in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner. Stormwater Best Management Practices are selected to achieve defined stormwater control objectives.

Community Safety and Awareness

Socio-economics, safety and community acceptance often dictate the most appropriate approach to managing urban water. Consultation with the community, stakeholders and consent authorities is typically required to facilitate an effective strategic outcome.

Impacts of Urbanisation

Historically, urbanisation of catchments has had a significant impact on the quantities and quality of runoff. New controls are progressively being introduced that aim to minimise the impacts. BMT WBM walks with authorities to developers appropriate controls, and with developers to ensure stosmafe controls can be achieved.

Integrated Engineering, Planning and Ecological Considerations

Development of drainage systems including pipe networks, overland flowpaths, structures and retention basins, ensuring that all waterway layouts and designs are ecologically sensitive. The development of drainage plans which adopt multi-use roles in waterway corridors including the consideration of floodwater conveyance, water quality/pollutant export control, environmental protection, public open space provision and regional transport linkages.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in Australia.