Flood Modelling and Management

For more than 30 years we have been pioneering flood modelling and flood plain management in Australia. Our in-house software, TUFLOW, is now one of the leading flood models across the globe.

An appreciation of flooding requires skills and knowledge in the volumes and rates at which water discharges from a catchment (i.e. the hydrology), and also the capacity of these waters to move through and across the drainage system or floodplain (i.e. the hydraulics).

The management of floodwaters is crucial to society  A major flood can be devastating for communities and industry, while a minor flood can be beneficial to the natural environment and agricultural industries.

Decisions which have to be made when managing floodplains are complex.  They must consider the needs of the community and the environment. We offer the following specialist floodplain management skills:

  • Practical floodplain risk management plan formulation
  • Hydrologic (catchment rainfall/runoff) modelling
  • 1D and 2D hydraulic flood modelling, including calibration, validation and design application/impact analysis
  • Community consultation and surveys
  • Floodplain mapping
  • Flood forecasting and flood warning systems
  • Post-flood damage reconnaissance and assessment
  • Flood mark identification and GIS-based database development
  • Emergency response planning


  • Hydrology and Flood Modelling

    Flood studies provide information about flood behaviour and risk, quantify the impact from proposed developments, and inform floodplain planning and water quality studies.

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  • Floodplain Risk Management

    BMT WBM has completed numerous floodplain risk management studies which assist local governments to manage and mitigate existing flood risk, educate the community about flooding, improve land use planning.

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  • Emergency Response

    Some of the more difficult tasks faced by emergency managers are predicting the ability of a community to evacuate safely and know how to optimise the evacuation process.

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  • Flood Forecasting

    Our flood warning services include review of existing gauge networks, development of relationships between gauge triggers and on the ground outcomes, and installation of integrated flood warning systems.

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