Catchment and Receiving Environments

Our in-house skills and expertise enables us to consider the complete water quality system across both catchment and receiving water bodies.

The concept of total catchment management requires consideration of process and activities throughout a catchment as well as within receiving water bodies such as reservoir, revers, lakes, estuaries and coastal waters. Both water quantity and water quality assessment are used to guide the management of these systems, and for the existing and future development that impinges on them

  • Catchment Modelling

    BMT WBM are recognised industry leaders in catchment modelling, and regularly provide catchment managers with the necessary expertise to make informed decisions on catchment and land usage management activities.

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  • On-site Wastewater Management

    BMT WBM play a leading role in the characterisation, modelling and evaluation of health and ecosystem impacts associated with existing and proposed unsewered development.

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  • Receiving Water Modelling

    Use of these models in a predictive mode enables stakeholders to assess likely changes in ambient water quality resulting from either management intervention strategies.

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  • Plumes Outfalls

    Licenses to discharge pollutants to waterways are issued on the basis of a sound understanding for the interactions and mixing of these discharge within the natural environment.

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