Ports and Terminals

From conception to operation, BMT WBM offers a series of services to help customers assess, develop, optimise and maintain port facilities.

Building over 40 years experience, BMT WBM supports reliable, cost effective and environmentally sound activities in ports, harbours and terminals.

BMT WBM is a leading international multi-disciplinary engineering, science and technology consultancy offering a broad range of services, particularly in the defence, energy, environment, shipping and general transportation sectors.

BMT WBM is an Australian subsidiary that was established in 1969 to provide specialist engineering and environmental consultancy services to a broad range of industries from offices in Brisbane, Mackay, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, Perth, Vancouver (Canada) and Denver (USA). 

From concept to planning, design and construction, right through to operation and maintenance, BMT WBM's holistic approach combines valuable engineering experience with sustainable environmental management and economic practicality to deliver high-value solutions for customers.

  • Materials Handling at Ports

    For companies operating bulk materials export and import facilities, container terminals and mine site or power station stockyards, BMT WBM provides assistance with the selection, operation and maintenance of machinery.

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  • Failure Investigation/ Root Cause Failure Analysis

    BMT WBM has been involved in many accident investigations, covering a wide range of machines. These investigations often involve detailed high-end analysis or measurements on similar operational machines.

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  • Optimising Dump Station Throughput

    BMT WBM assists operators of rail dump stations increase throughput using a variety of techniques. For applications with sticky material in bottom dump wagons, BMT WBM has developed a system incorporating a fully automatic robotic wagon vibrator.

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