Environmental Management

The oil and gas industry faces increasing regulatory scrutiny with environmental issues at the top of the agenda.

BMT WBM provides a comprehensive range of services in support of monitoring the environment, understanding environmental impacts and satisfying regulatory obligations.

Environmental Monitoring

Our scientists are experienced in conducting marine environmental surveys including studies of water quality, atmospheric emissions and noise as well as the provision of habitat assessments in tropical and temperate waters.

Statutory Compliance

Delivering documentation in support of statutory environmental compliance can be complex and requires specialist knowledge.  We have completed many hundreds of statutory risk assessments and applications, as well as providing comprehensive consultancy advice on environmental, legislative and compliance issues.

Environmental Impact Assessment

BMT WBM has many years of experience in preparing high quality Environmental Impact Assessments and Environmental Statements.  Our experience includes assessments related to seismic surveys, drilling programs, new platforms, new pipelines, platform upgrades and modifications, subsea tie-backs, shore approaches and shoreline crossings, terminals and terminal modifications.

Decommissioning Studies

BMT WBM has particular expertise in supporting the environmental needs of decommissioning. We have undertaken environmental studies covering all aspects of the decommissioning of a variety of oil and gas structures.