Test and Measurement

Using diagnostic measurements under actual operational conditions means BMT WBM can provide customers with measuring and recording critical parameters such as stresses, strains, loads, and deflections.

One of BMT WBM's strengths in assisting clients with machinery problems is the use of diagnostic measurements under actual operational conditions. We have a very comprehensive range of instrumentation and recording equipment.

Machinery Problem Diagnostics 

BMT WBM has a very comprehensive range of sophisticated instrumentation and recording equipment for measuring critical parameters such as stresses, loads and deflections.  Measurements of this kind often provide the key to diagnosing the cause of machinery problems or failures and they provide the best possible basis for re-engineering to fix a problem.  If fatigue cracking of a machine or structure has occurred early in its service life, knowledge of the real stresses in the component provides the essential basis for its redesign. 

Testing of Rotating Machine 

We specialise in measurement of stress, and torque on rotating machines, using radio telemetry links to transmit the measurement data to a recording station.

Performance, Safety and Design Verification Testing 

An independent testing service for customers wishing to verify the performance, safety or design of both new and existing machines.  The tests can form part of commissioning or acceptance testing. 

Vibration Monitoring 

Advice, interpretation, hardware or software supply, or total program management.  For the more complex and difficult vibration problems, BMT WBM provides powerful multi-channel measurement and analysis to identify the source of problems and their solutions.

Long Term On-Line Monitoring, Data Logging 

For problems which only occur intermittently and for capturing long term trends, we provide on-line monitoring instrumentation, coupled to data loggers programmed for the specific requirements of each problem.

Remote Interrogation 

For critical items of equipment, a low cost communication link to a site or to one of our offices allows rapid, effective interrogation and very cost effective management of a condition monitoring program.

Special Purpose Test Instrumentation 

The company maintains an electronic design and build capability.  Where the constraints imposed by a particular machine require a novel approach, BMT WBM provides purpose-built transducers and instrumentation.

Strain Gauging and Telemetry

Determining the actual loads, pressures and stresses acting on equipment, structures or components is fundamental to understanding the engineering solutions needed to improve performance.

Strain Gauging and Telemetry

Dragline and Shovel Machine House Ventilation and Cooling Assessments

With the continuing trend in suspended load upgrades and deeper mining pits, draglines and shovels are experiencing more frequent over-temperature trips in summer with some consequent lost production.

Dragline and Shovel Machine House Ventilation and Cooling Assessments

Spall Testing

Inspection of Dragline and Shovel Roller Circles

The major mechanism of deterioration of the roller circles on draglines and mining shovels is through spalling. During normal operation, sub-surface cracks form in the rails and rollers usually at areas of high loadsloads. A spall is formed when these cracks reach the surface of the rail or roller

Spall Testing - Inspection of Dragline and Shovel Roller Circles