Project Engineering Services

From project inception, through concept development, feasibility studies, financial projection, design procurement, contract administration, construction, commission to completion, we provide total project management for any project.

BMT WBM has a large experienced and capable group which specialises in providing services in support of engineering projects.

Procurement and Expediting 

In the purchasing of technically complex equipment, BMT WBM assists customers in obtaining a better outcome in terms of cost and delivery, while meeting required quality standards.

Quality Assurance, Inspection 

With a long history of equipment failure investigations and in subsequent re-engineering, we are uniquely positioned to assist customers acquiring new or replacement machine components of better or guaranteed quality.

The company writes detailed technical specifications, inspection and test plans and provides independent inspections to achieve the required product quality.


Specialists in structural, mechanical, electrical, controls or fluid power hydraulics are available to manage or assist with the commissioning of complex machines or machine systems.